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Healthy homemade banana ice cream mochi

Mochi is a sweet japanese dessert made from a thin layer of sweet chewy dough that is wrapped around an ice cream ball.

Today, we will make a healthy version of this tasty dessert.

  • Why this recipe is healthy?

First of all, we will substitute the ice cream filling with a homemade sugar free banana ice cream filling.

We will also use fruits to give the sweet taste to the mochi dough instead of using the regular sugar.

In addition to that, we will not use any food artificial color.

  • What ingredients do we need to make this recipe?

For the ice cream filling we only need 1 ingredient. Yes, 1 ingredient. BANANA is what we only need to make the ice cream mochi filling. Isn't it great?

For the mochi dough, we need :

  1. Glutinous rice flour : this is the base for the chewy mochi. You can find the glutinous rice flour in groceries or you can make it as home. Let me know if you want me to make a post on how to make the rice flour at home.

  2. Orange juice : orange juice will give the natural sweet taste to the mochi dough and will also give it the beautiful orange color.

  3. Cornstarch : to put on top of the sticky dough in order to shape it

Ingredients :

For the filling : 2 bananas

Dark chocolate syrup (optional)

For the mochi : 1 cup glutinous rice

1 cup orange juice


Instructions :

  • Peel the bananas and cut it into bite size. Put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it overnight.

  • After the bananas are completly frozen, put it in a food processor and mix for 3min. While mixing, the bananas will become crumbly in the beginning. Then you will notice that you have a smooth mixture.

  • Put the banana ice cream in a pastry bag

  • Squeeze some of the ice cream on a tray and top it with dark chocolate syrup, then put it in the freezer while we prepare the mochi dough

  • In a bowl, mix the glutinous rice with the orange juice. Cover with plastic wrap, poke some holes on the plastic cover with a knife, and microwave it for 1min. After 1min, uncover the bowl, and using a spatula, mix the mixture together. Cover again and microwave for another 1 min. Uncover the bowl again and mix using a wet spatula this time because the mixture will be too sticky. Cover again and microwave for 30s.

  • Dust your the silicone kneeding mat with a generous amount of cornstarch. Put the dough and top it with a generous amount of cornstarch again. Then roll the dough with a rolling pin.

  • Cut into even pieces. Take a piece, put an ice cream filling in the center and fold the edges together around the filling.

Tips for storage :

  • You can save the remaining mochi in the freezer for later. First put the mochi on a tray apart from each other and put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours or until it get hard. Then put the mochi together in a ziplock bag and save them in the freezer until you want you eat them.

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